Which Bud Is The Juiciest…?

Which Bud Is The Juiciest

Which Bud Is The Juiciest…? Cannabis, Cannabis Cannabis… That is the hot topic in Thailand for 2022. Twelve months ago it was still considered illegal to smoke in your own home or even grow the plant. Fast forward to today where there are shops sprouting up all over Bangkok, ready to give you all different […]

Juicy Buds – New Shop Opening In Phuket

JUICY BUDS – NEW SHOP OPENING IN PHUKET Now that medical Cannabis is legal, it is great to finally to be able to treat some of those chronic issues that keep cropping up, such as: Insomnia Anxiety PTSD Epilectic seizures MS Assistance with cancer symptoms, and possible reduction in cancer cells JUICY BUDS – NEW […]