Master list - All Strains

Master list - All Strains

apple fritter

Apple Fritter

Flavours: Heavy apple pie flavours with sweet, earthy undertones. On the back end, Apple Fritter maintains a sour taste profile that leans slightly into the skunky side of the consumer’s palate.

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Flavours: A sweet, floral variety that displays its Gelato parentage very well. Heavy Limonene terpenes shine through on the nose and the back end of the flavour.

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Flavours: With a deep earthy aroma and a sweet blueberry flavour r profile, this variety is as well rounded terpene-wise as it is in the effects.


Flavours: Deep blueberry fragrance with gassy hints of ammonia. This indica-dominant strain offers a flavour profile reminiscent of sour diesel and classic skunk. Blue Zushi produces a buzzy head high ideal for light smokers or as a goto bud for daily use.


Flavours: Rich earthy and chocolate tones immediately hit the palate, followed by a hashish aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

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Flavours: A newer hype strain that dazzles users with it’s amazing cinnamon aroma. This variety stands out as an all around hybrid that gives users the pain relief of an Indica with the energy of a Sativa. Perfect for the bedroom.

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Flavours: A musky, yet sweet aroma, with just a touch of fresh baked cookies, Bubba’s Cookies has a wonderful mild flavor that is a great introductory to the world of high end Cannabis.

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Flavours: A cross between the popular Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter, this pretty hybrid looks the part and packs a punch. Expect tropical, fruity flavours and a happy high that’ll have you giggling, munching and drowsy. Perfect for stress and pain relief.


Flavours: This sweet indica-dominant variety offers a pungent, earthy scent with caramel undertones and hints of vanilla. Beginners can expect heaps of laughter with a calming after buzz, whilst experienced users can enjoy a clear, creative focus perfect for getting things done.


Flavours: Fruity yet gassy, Zkittlez has the flavours that connoisseurs and novices alike have come to enjoy. Zkittlez has a very hard to describe almost floral flavour that is often used as a description of other Cannabis variety flavours. A basis for many of the most popular varieties of today, Zkittlez is a must-try if you haven’t before.


Flavours: A delicate hybrid that has a calming and stress relieving effect, while also heightening sensory perception. The hype strain parentage creates a unique flavor profile that is both Minty and fruity, yet has a deep earthy exhale that is sure to delight.


Flavours: Earthy with hints of lime and OG on both the front and back end. The nose matches the flavour on this variety all the way.


Flavours: Named the famous point guard ‘The Glove’, this flavourful strain hits like a boxer and warms like a glove. Offering a strong gassy, floral aroma and pungent buttery taste, it’s easy to see why Gary Payton is top choice for connoisseurs.

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Flavours: Like the sweet aroma of the famous Italian digestif, Lemoncello boasts a sweet citrusy floral nose with a gassy, sour and earthy flavour. This powerful sativa-dominant variety holds no punches, expect a lifted head high that’ll have the mind racing.


Flavours: Full Haze flavours come through in every pull, while also providing the user a pleasant sweetness that is easily showcased alongside it’s heirloom Thai flavours. For those users unfamiliar with Haze, this variety is a wonderful stepping stone into the world of Thai genetics.

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Flavours: As the name would imply, Garlotti has a deep, almost garlicky smell with a strong pungent gas nose.

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Flavours: Pungent earthy and sour flavours that very much reflect the legendary heritage varieties that birthed this extremely popular strain.

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Flavours: An extremely unique and sought after variety, Galactic Jack shines with a wonderful fruity, floral nose with a matching terpene profile.

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Flavours: A new cross that ups the ante on flavour with a buttery terp profile. Beyond the unique palate, users report an energising, clear headed high – perfect for a wake n bake sesh. This is a rare variety, so scoop some up today!

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Flavours: Two of the most outstanding flavours in Cannabis have come together to create a truly unique and delicious strain. The amazing grapey, gassy flavours aren’t the only thing worth talking about. This variety is excellent for mild pain relief and mood enhancement.

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Flavours: The offspring of Skunk Tangerine and DoSiDos, Citrus Rush is a potent strain that’s energetic in low doses and highly sedative in larger amounts. Ideal for medical and everyday use, this well-balanced hybrid helps to combat chronic pain, insomnia and depression.

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Flavours: This indica-dominant strain has a gassy flavour that hits hard and fast to provide a hefty body high perfect for pain and stress relief, as well as combatting insomnia.

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purple punch cannabis strain


Flavours: A sweet, fruity and balanced flavour that still has the necessary depth that regular smokers need. This is such a nice every day variety that will always satisfy your flavour cravings.

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Flavours: sweet and creamy with a slight gas punch on the exhale. A delicious variety that satisfies the most discriminating palate.

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Georgia Pie


Flavours: A truly delicious variety with wonderful peach terps and sweet, candy-like overtones. The finish is subtle, yet clean leaving the user always wanting just one more taste.

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Glazed Apricot


Flavours: Sweet apricot tones with hints of mango and a deep floral finish. Terpenes for days in this epic cross.

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Flavours: Extremely fruity with haze undertones and a slight gas finish. An aroma that never gets old.

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ice cream cake cannabis


Flavours: Ice Cream Cake has strong gas notes mixed with creamy vanilla on the back end. A true variety for the discerning O.G.

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ice cream mints cannabis


Effect: Wow, what a set of parents! These two heavy hitting, well-known Indica parents birthed one of the most unique new genetics on the market.

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jealousy cannabis strain


Flavours: cerebral head high, creative thoughts and relaxing. They are often used medically to cure depression and improve general appetite.

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mac cannabis bangkok


Flavours: Earthy with notes of citrus and a sweet finish.

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Soap cannabis strain


Flavours: Floral and fruity with a minty, earthy palate cleanse.

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OG Krush cannabis


Flavours: Heavy OG gas flavours with a citrus kick. For those of you who know OG Kush

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Oreo Cookies Bangkok


Flavours: An earthy nose with hints of gas. Oreo Cookie has a robust and complex terpene profile.

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punchberry cookie cannabis


Flavours: Heavy orange and tropical flavours with a clean aftertaste. This terpene profile lights up a room.

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purple haze cannabis strain


Flavours: Slight berry tones with a clean, crisp, and earthy exhale of a connoisseur’s Haze.

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oreo Z cannabis strain


Flavours: Having both an earthy and floral nose, Oreo Z is a wonderful variety, even if you are just smoking it for the flavour. Beyond the wonderful aroma, this variety has a clean and balanced flavour that has a wonderful finish.

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Rainbow Sherbet cannabis stain bangkok


Flavours: Hashy flavours with earthy undertones. Rainbow Sherbert packs up a punch with regards to terpenes while providing a beautifully smooth aroma and aftertaste.

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super lemon cherry cannabis strain


Flavours: Heavy lemon tones with a citrus kick and a gassy undertone. Sharp sour taste on the exhale.

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Chem Dawg


Flavours: Boasting an extremely pungent, sour nose and diesel-like flavours, this hybrid produces a strong, cerebral high that connoisseurs favour worldwide.

moonshine haza cannabis


Flavours: This sativa-dominant variety boasts a citrus, floral-pine aroma that translates perfectly into a full-bodied flavour profile


Flavours: Sweet Critical is an indica-leaning hybrid that boasts a sweet fruity nose and a fresh minty, pine flavour.


Flavours: Unicorn Poop is a balanced hybrid developed by breading GMO Cookies with Sophisticated Lady. Offering an almost haze-like nose and flavour, leaning more orange over lemon, this potent variety is ideal for uplifting the mood and for creative, social sessions.


Flavours: With a Chill, relaxing effect you would expect from a hybrid, Peanut Butter Cake also has some of the most interesting terpenes in Cannabis. Nutty, earthy aromas pour off of these crystal laden buds. Don’t pass up this extremely sought after strain.


Flavours: Blue Tang is a sativa dominant hybrid developed by crossing Blueberry Cookies and Cream & Orange Cookies. The bud has a sour, fruity aroma that translates perfectly into a tasty smoke. Users can expect a creative high with uplifting, cerebral effects.


Flavours: Chocolate Skunk is a hybrid strain that crosses the classic Skunk with the chocolatey goodness of Chocolape. The bud boasts a fruity aroma that leaves an aftertaste of vanilla, and produces a strong all round high ideal for any occasion.


Flavours: Bubble Bath is a medical strain for serious pain relief. Users report feeling deeply relaxed. This variety is often used by arthritis patients. Beyond the excellent medicinal benefits, the Bubble Bath is an extremely aromatic variety that has a full floral flavour.


Flavours: A hybrid strain with sativa-leaning traits, this potent bud has a sweet blueberry nose and a fruity flavour profile to match. With a high that lifts the mind, then calms the body, Blue Dream is ideal for creative activities, or simply relaxing.


Flavours: A hybrid strain with sativa-leaning traits, this potent bud has a sweet blueberry nose and a fruity flavour profile to match. With a high that lifts the mind, then calms the body, Blue Dream is ideal for creative activities, or simply relaxing.


Flavours: Cookies and Cream is a tasty hybrid with a scent of sweet vanilla and flavours of nutty, earthy herbs. Expect a high that’s happy and euphoric, with powerful pain and stress relief properties that also make it ideal for medicinal use.


Flavours: A relative of top strains including GMO, GSK, OG Kush and Larry OG, Durr Burger is a bright, pungent variety with scents of citrus and ammonia. This balanced hybrid will bless the session with laughter… then make you wanna relax.


Effect: Get ready for a variety that packs a punch! E85 is a strong variety with both a heavy stone as well as the medicinal pain relief necessary in a straight ahead Indica. This variety will help the user relax from day to day aches and pains and is also a wonderful before bed variety.


Effect: Relaxing variety provides a euphoric high, perfect for reducing stress and depression. Extreme Cream is an effective medical variety for appetite stimulation and people experiencing difficulty sleeping.


Flavours: An indica leaning strain developed by crossing Original Glue with Zkittlez, Gorilla Zkittlez has a gassy, floral aroma and a flavour of tropical fruit with hints of chocolate. Expect highly sedative effects likely to induce giggles, and put users to sleep.


Flavours: Grandpa Cookies are pretty nice looking buds, filled with Trichrome and have a nice nose. It smells earthy and sweet, but taste citrusy and piney. The high is stoney yet mild and will creep up to you.


Flavours: Smells sweet and sour like berries. Taste a little bit like diesel with a sour note. It is definitely a creative, cerebral high that creeps up to you slowly. It is also an energetic high that won’t let you sleep as well.


Flavours: Killer Glue is a popular strain that came from two OG of marijuana, AK-47 and Original Glue itself. It taste sweet and floral, which make it really nice on exhale. You’ll grab the closest chips and throw it in your mouth afterwards for sure.


Flavours: Skunk #1 is one of the older strain and is a parentage to almost all of the Skunk variety. It taste earthy and sweet and gives off a chill relaxing high as your stress melt away. You’ll also feel energetic and hungry as well. It smells like its name, with the pungent skunkiness right up your nose.


Flavours: The buds boast fruity smell and its taste will not disappoint you. You’ll feel focus and serene as Tropic Ozz will clears your mind, but not to the point of getting you sleepy. It is a perfect strain to enjoy in the evening after a long day work.


Flavours: Kush cake has a fruity and sweet nose with a vanilla aftertaste. It makes you relaxed and calm, which could also lead to couch-lock as well, so this strain is suitable for an evening movie night after work at home. Just relax and let all your tension go away.


Flavours: A descendent of the famous OG Kush, Legend OG boasts pungent, floral and pine scents that transform into deep citrus and berry flavours upon consumption. This indica-leaning strain provides a deep relaxation experience ideal for managing chronic pain and insomnia.


Flavours: Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup 2011, Liberty haze will gives you energetic head high that will make your thought races. You will feel vigilant and focus to your daily task while having a blissful high. It taste earthy with a little hint of lime.


Effect: Pink Runtz may say Hybrid but the effects are more Sativa than anything. Users describe feeling giggly and energized, perfect for a night on the town. Beyond the euphoric aspects of Pink Runtz, there is also a wonderful therapeutic element that shines through in both anxiety reduction as well as general mood enhancement.


Effect: An arousing and stimulating strain great for a night out with your significant other. Love is in the air with Project 4516.


Flavours: Rolls Royce has a sweet and cheesy nose to it. It taste very skunky with a hint of pine, which is surprisingly smooth. The high is strong and long lasting, which will make you feel sedated while being euphoric.


Flavours: Boasting an aroma that oozes the tropical goodness of berries and grapefruit, together with a sweet dank flavour that’ll tingle the tastebuds, Sensi Dog is a well balanced hybrid perfect for managing stress and relaxing, or getting creative and maintaining focus.


Effect: Sunset Kush takes it’s name from it’s unique look and kush-like structure but the effects are all sativa. Best enjoyed before a night on the town, Sunset Kush is anything


Flavours: The key to many top shelf strains and a veteran in its own right, Super Silver Haze is the product of crossing Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. This award-winning sativa offers lots of citrusy goodness together with a psychedelic, euphoric high.


Flavours: The descendant of the ever popular Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, Super Lemon Haze is a potent sativa that does as the name suggests; provides a super citrusy experience that sends users into a creative, sometimes energetic haze.

Peyote Gorilla


Effect: Peyote Gorilla smells sour like citrus with a hint of diesel, but it taste like petrol and earthy. It will send you into a bliss, makes you feel relaxed and euphoric. It also boost appetite quite well.


Effect: Be ready for a great experience of a blissful state of mind and an uplifting body high. It is quite soft and smooth. This strain has citric taste with sweet aftertaste staying with you as well.


Effect: Called in name of “Hemperor”, this strain especially stands out as one of the classic vintage sativa dominant strains. With quite hazy taste and a bit earthy aftertaste. The high starts from light headed effect before turning into a complete cerebral and energetic feelings.


Effect: A strain aptly named as well as its delectable terpene profile. Mandarin Cookie is tangy and strong. Despite being a balanced hybrid by the numbers, the effects are more sativa leaning. Expect a calming and sedating buzz with uplifting and energetic effects that’ll lighten the whole session.

star dawg strain


Effect: Stardawg has a sweet grapy smell, but it taste floral and sweet, which make it quite delicious. You’ll feel uplifted, energetic but your mind won’t be clouded. It also gets you relaxing and has cerebral effect. Stardawg is a potent and pungent sativa-dominant hybrid strain and is quite good for smoking throughout the day.


Effect: This bright pungent variety offers everything you’d expect from an indica, and a little more. With a detergent-like nose that develops into delicious flavours of gassy citrus and lavender, Dolato offers a high ideal for managing stress and pain relief.


Effect: Like its name suggests, Golden Lemons has a sweet citrusy flavor and a gorgeous golden appearance. One joint could be amazing start of the day as this flower make sure you are awake and full as It gets an uplifting, energetic effects.


Effect: Green Zkittlez Kush smells like freshly cut grass but it has a sweet and sour taste like the candy. This buds will bring you into Zen mode by feeling uplifting and serene. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the meadow with this strain.


Effect: Kushy kush has a skunky and fruity taste to it. It gives out a calm relaxing high that does not cloud your mind, so this strain can be used any time in the day. It also has some pain relief properties as well and is great to relief migrane.


Effect: As accurate as it’s name Papaya Gelato has Quite smooth papaya taste with a bit hazy and refreshing tones. This flower has euphoric and energetic effects. It is best for a tough day or to cure a bad mood. It is also great for depression. Suitable to smoke during the day


Effect: Cookies and Cream is a tasty hybrid with a scent of sweet vanilla and flavours of nutty, earthy herbs. Expect a high that’s happy and euphoric, with powerful pain and stress relief properties that also make it ideal for medicinal use.

GMO cookie


Effect: A connoisseur variety for sure, GMO Cookies has flavours that are out of this world! A garlic and diesel forward variety known for loud bag appeal, GMO Cookies is also well known for it’s wonderful euphoric, pain relieving medicinal properties.



Effect: MAC 1 improves the typical MAC variety with the addition of Miracle 15. Users of this unique cross tend to feel upbeat and energetic. The flavours of MAC 1 are impressive, featuring notes of vanilla and cream, with a floral finish.

Mandarin Sunset


Effect: Accurate to its name Mandarin Sunset smells like an orange haribo gummies and taste like real orange with tangy, hazy notes. The buds brings you much pleasure as it has relieving effect on your body and fell euphoric on your mind. Preferably to smoke at night.

Pink Waferz


Effect: Pink waferz shows up with its quite frosty buds, producing a prominent aroma of sweet basil with hints of pine and a classic skunky aftertaste. Its terpene profile is an exquisite mix of musk, gas, cream and roasted nuts.

White Truffle


Effect: A quick hitting Indica that packs a punch and delivers a sensational head high, followed by a relaxing body buzz that melts the stress away. The flavours can best be described as nutty, floral, and earthy. This is a real head-turner.