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Juicy Buds Patong

Juicy Buds is located on the tropical island of Phuket and has become a leading provider of premium grade medical cannabis.

Juicy Buds is situated in the buzzing entertainment district of Patong and a convenient walking distance from Bangla Night Market; this is optimal for the thousands of customers who walk past the night market daily and may need medical cannabis. Juicy buds is in a prime location and easily accessible, so clients can enjoy the highest grade of medical cannabis in Phuket while having a place to recharge their energy and build connections with like-minded individuals.

The dispensary has an inviting atmosphere with an abundance of greenery and plastered with motifs that have playful Cannabis references, which makes it a must-visit for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts or first-time users who need high-quality medical cannabis. Juicy Buds has released numerous strainswhich range from various flavors such as Ice Cream Cake, Tom Yum and Blue Sunset Sherbet, which offer many different effects such as relieving pain and enhancing relaxation.

Juicy Buds’ knowledgeable budtenders are always on hand to answer clients’ questions. They will help find the perfect strain or product to suit their needs. Whether they’re looking for a powerful Sativa to kickstart their day or a soothing Indica to unwind after a long day of island adventures.

Clients are able to view more information online if required as there is a master list of all strains available, which covers the vivid descriptions of each strain and its purposes. This also helps customers make an informed decision on which strain they should try and what effects they are aiming for, whether that be for mental, physical or sexual health.

Clients can also view a live menu that updates daily with different strains, covering details like the strain type, THC levels, effects and pricing. In addition to that, the website contains blogs which are informative on anything Cannabis related for newbies and connoisseurs alike.

The Juicy Buds team has decades of experience in quality control, which means they only curate and cultivate the finest Cannabis varieties in the world: Sativa, Indica and hybrids. In addition, each strain is analyzed by professionals from Mahakan Biotech and comes with a certificate of analysis. These high standards in every stage of the growing process ensure that clients receive the best product possible.

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