Mini Home Grow Kits - Top 3 Grow Setups For Your Bedroom Or Basement

Do you want to know more about mini home grow kits?Growing your own cannabis is a pastime that more weed lovers than ever before are getting into. The biggest hurdle for many is the lack of discreet growing space.

Clearly, we are not all blessed with large (or any!) outdoor areas in which to cultivate some wicked weed but that restriction does not need to stop you. Why? Because the solution is to go for mini home grow kits. One that fits neatly into your bedroom, basement, or any other spare space for that matter.

We will shortly look at 3 top grow setup kits that will meet your needs but before that let’s understand what mini home grow kits are and why they are an option that suits many.

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What are Indoor Mini Home Grow kits?

Also called a grow tent kit, an indoor home grow kit is a complete system that is used for growing plants in any indoor space.

Of course, it is possible to take the more traditional route of building your own indoor grow room from the ground up. However, a complete grow kit package comes with convenience and that is thanks to the fact it includes everything you need to start growing weed quickly. Once your complete mini home grow kit is delivered and set up all you need to source is your seeds or plants.

Depending upon the grow tent package you choose will depend upon what is included but you can expect most or all of the following to be included:

  1. A grow tent structure.
  2. A grow light/lighting system.
  3. Proper ventilation (this can include such things as high output fans, charcoal filters, and ducting).
  4. Plant mediums (this will usually be soil or coco).
  5. Nutrients for your plants.
  6. Pots for your plants.
  7. Tools – These will vary but examples are shears and/or meters.
  8. The option of a complete hydroponic system.

What this should tell would-be indoor growers is that purchasing mini home grow kits take the guesswork out of what is required to easily, conveniently, and discreetly grow cannabis all year round.

Four Benefits of Using an Indoor Grow Kit

Here are just 4 reasons why choosing a mini indoor grow kit makes sense for many:

Ease and speed of setup

Those who decide to build their own indoor grow kit need to make sure they have all the necessary items in place. While the DIY route can be a cheaper option that is not always the case because ‘multi-packaged accessories’ can often come in cheaper than buying individual ones. The other downside of DIY construction is that it will also take longer to get all of the necessary equipment in place and then self-construct it.

Purchasing a mini kit means convenience and ease of setup. All you need to decide on is what realistic space you have and then choose a complete kit to fit into that. Because quality indoor growing kits come with everything you need and instructions for setup this makes construction easy.

Effective lighting and reflection

It is well-known that the best yields come through receiving sufficient light. Quality grow tent complete packages come with various types of grow lights. Ones that are designed to optimize the inside growing space.

Better still, the grow ‘tent’ will help to boost light reflection. This means that the plants you grow will benefit from a rich 360 Deg. light coverage.

Environmentally stable conditions

Cannabis is known to be a hardy plant but the more stable that temperatures and humidity levels are maintained during growth, the more your plants will thrive.

When you combine your grow tents with airflow equipment this helps to stabilize and regulate your grow room environment. The result is that you are increasing your chances of peak growth and a regular, healthy crop using mini home grow kits.

An easily moveable feast!

Because quality mini home grow kits come as a complete package they are easy to move around should you need to do that. DIY home kits can mean more permanence in terms of siting and positioning plus the fact you may need to screw things to the wall or ceiling.

If that is the case, it would mean that dismantling and moving is nowhere near as easy as relocating a complete indoor kit.

3 Top Mini Home Grow Setups for Your Bedroom or Basement

There is a huge choice of mini home grow kits to choose from. You will need to decide on such things as the space you have available, the number of cannabis plants you are looking to grow, and what your budget is.

Once those factors are decided it will then pay to make a shortlist of the models you find appealing. From there take time out to look at reviews from those who have purchased the grow kit. This will help you make a far more informed decision before taking the plunge.

To help you along, here are 3 top mini home grow setups that will quickly feel at home in your bedroom, basement, or any other space you have:

Growace – 2x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

Growace offers some excellent indoor growing solutions and this complete indoor grow tent system is very solid proof of that.

This kit comes with everything required to grow between 2-4 healthy flowering plants from seed to harvest. That includes such things as the heavy-duty grow tent, a high output 400w HID grow light, and all necessary airflow equipment.

Buyers will also receive the Lotus Premium Nutrient Feeding Program and all of the accessories required to help your plants produce exactly the yields you are looking for. This soil-based grow room means there are no expensive water costs that could be incurred if a hydroponic system was used.

When considering a quality kit at an affordable cost these easy-to-setup and easy-to-use mini home grow kits really does take some beating. It is suitable for first-time growers but equally at home in the hands of the more experienced grower.

Dealzer – Cash Crop 7.0 – 2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer offers a wide selection of indoor growing kits. Buyers can choose from a variety of small, compact single kits right up to multiple plant grow boxes.

The company’s Cash Crop 7.0 version is perfect for personal users who are looking to effortlessly grow 1-2 lbs of usable dried cannabis on a regular 2-3 month cycle. Better still, you can place it in any room in your house (bar the bathroom).

Dimension-wise it comes in at 36 inches tall x 16 inches wide x 11.0 inches deep and weighs in at 45 lbs. Its design resembles an ordinary cabinet and can double as an art piece. This is because the model is made of hand-painted, specially treated, highly durable, quality wood.

It comes with full spectrum LED top and side lighting, built-in durable fans with carbon filter odor protection, an exhaust, ventilation, air pump, water pump, and more. The complete kit means you have everything but the seeds to grow your cannabis plants with

This is a sanitary, safe, and efficient way to cultivate a wide range of valuable crops. As things progress you also have the option of upgrading this version with an “advanced nutrients pack”.

Ease of use was mentioned, and easy it is! This really is a hands-off operation process. All you need to do is complete the initial setup and then switch the water and nutrients for the plants on a weekly basis. This should require around 10 minutes to set up and then just 10 minutes of work per week. While it is stated as for hydro grows it can also be used for soil growing.

Another huge plus comes from the fact that Dealzer offers a lifetime warranty (check T&Cs), free shipping, and free, unlimited phone/email tech support although an easy-to-understand instruction manual is included. 

VIVOSUN S425 4×2 Mylar Grow Tent, 48″ x 24″ x 60″×2-mylar-hydroponic-grow-tent-for-indoor-plant-growing-48x24x60-p63933466594377747-v58820960379609809

If you are on a tight budget or simply want to test the mini home grow kits without breaking the bank then Vivosun offers some fantastic options. They work well and are very cost-effective. Being one of the company’s best sellers their S425 model is a point in case.

This is a basic yet clever solution for your indoor growing needs. It can be placed in any room that has space to take the dimensions of 48- x 24- x 60 inches. It will take between 2 and 4 plants in 3-gallon pots.

The high-quality Oxford canvas tent is lined with a reinforced PE layer and is 100%-reflective Mylar. This design feature helps to keep all light inside. The smooth zippers have been upgraded with a black inner lining. This gives an all-around cover and is effective at blocking out any leaking light. That in turn gives a boost to the output efficiency of your setup.

It has an easy-viewing window made from transparent plastic with hook and loop fasteners to cover the window. The window allows you to check on growth status without the need to disturb the growing process. As for the bottom air vents, these help with heat dissipation.

You are buying into base mini home grow kits but the customizable design allows you plenty of openings to set duct fans, lamps, and electrical cords how you see fit. There is also an inner tool organizer which is handy for storing all of your gardening tools. Add to this the removable floor tray which makes cleaning convenient. There are also 2 hanging straps that help you to fix the equipment as required.

While it is true that you will need to buy additional items to complete a total growing kit, the package price of other accessories offered by Vivosun means this is still a very cost-effective option.

Quality Mini Home Grow Kits Make Life Easy!

There is no doubt whatsoever that indoor growing is made far easier with the correct kit. These come in all shapes and sizes. As for cost, you can start low or make a significant investment. The choice really is yours.

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